Day 1-4 After your treatment session

Following your first session you should avoid:

  •     Touching, showering, or shaving the treated area

  •     Carrying out any activities that may cause excessive sweating

  •     Using moisturizer or shampoo

  •     Direct sunlight

  •     Swimming, sauna, or the steam room

  •     Razor shaving for at least 10 days

Day 5 After your first session

5 days after your initial session you should:

  •    Wash your head gently with cold water and gentle soap

  •    Apply moisturizer three times daily to prevent dryness and flaky skin. We recommend using a non-perfumed moisturizer such as Aveeno body moisturizer.

  •    Avoid growing hair too long. If you do need to shave your head, we advise using an electric shaver only. We recommend a Remington R5 (scroll down to see options) or similar shaver. No wet shaving (razor blade) for 10 days post.

Signs and symptoms of infection:

SWELLING: A slight amount of swelling is typical for a fresh tattoo. If swelling becomes excessive, uncomfortable and you feel the pain radiating beyond the site of the tattoo, then this is a sign of infection.

FEVER: Fever is a symptom of an underlying condition, which is most often an infection. Please contact a medical provider if you think you may have a possible infection.


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